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Tipu Sultan, who chose death over disgrace!

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In 1799, 4th May, is the day of Shahadat of the greatest Muslim leader of the 18th century - Tipu Sultan, who chose death over disgrace, lived with dignity and died with honor.

His honorable saying in the battle field, just before his death, when he was asked to surrender to the British, has become a legend in the Muslim folklore - "a day in the life of a lion is better than a 1000 years of the life of a jackal !"

Allama Iqbal visited his grave and recited emotional poems for this great warrior, leader, inventor, thinker and visionary.

It is reported that this is the picture of Allama Iqbal at the muqam of Tipu in Mysore. Iqbal inside the final resting place of Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu, Mysore, India. This picture hung in the bedroom of the Allama at a prominent place, where he could see it the instant he awoke, till his dying breath. Such was Iqbal's love for Tipu.


Let us tell you more about Tipu.

He was a military genius, inventor of modern military Rocket and Missile science. For the first time, he deployed Rocket units into battle against the British and devastated them.

he was a mechanical engineer and inventor who had also designed and made a huge man size lion eating a British soldier, which would also play sounds of when the tiger would eat the British. Today, this amazing piece of invention is in the London Museum.

Tipu had formed a global alliance against the British and had close military relations with Nepolean of France, Khilafat e Usmania and China. Tipu's over seas trading was done with entire middle east, turkey, china and central Asia. He was a thinker, man of books as well as sword and a most noble humane character, kind and loving to his people.

He lost because of his treacherous Prime Minister Mir Sadeq, whos name has become immortalized with treachery and betrayal, even in the poems of Baba Iqbal. Even the British knew that as long as Tipu is alive, they can never capture India. After his Shahadat, the British General shouted "Now India is ours" !!!

After Tipu Sultan, Muslim world did not produce any leader of his caliber except Quaid e Azam, MashAllah! InshAllah, this new generation of Ummah will produce many tigers like him.. InshAllah!


Shabbir Ahmad Uthmani's vision for Pakistan.

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More and more international surveys are now confirming that youth and people of Pakistan want Sharia Laws and NOT Anglo-Saxon Kufr democracy. Even the political parties have now started to raise the slogans of "Islamic state like Medina", just trying to exploit the emotions of the youth, when in reality, these are totally secular parties, working for the Kufr systems.

Pakistan was NOT made for this Kufr. Our founding fathers had made this Pakistan to the center of Khilafat and the HQ of United States of Islam. This democracy cannot give us this glory. NEVER.

If you want to participate in the "elections", we cannot stop you but then dont blame us, army or the patriots for the mess you will create. Remember this, patriots will hold each and ever person accountable who is pushing this nation towards this disaster. This is a promise.

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Quaid's Ideology,strategy and beliefs about Pakistan!

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Why we made Pakistan?

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Why we made Pakistan and what have done for it so far ?

There was a reason why our founding fathers felt that they had no choice but to make Pakistan or die trying. Now its your duty. Protect it or die trying...

These 8 minutes can change your entire perspective towards Pak sarzameen.

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Our Quaid's Islamic Pakistan !

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Mujahid and Darwaish 'Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah RA'

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Losing the Victims : Sarmila bose

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Every war is accompanied by sexual violence against women. That rape occurred in East Pakistan in 1971 has never been in any doubt. The question is what was the true extent of rape, who were the victims and who the perpetrators and was there any systematic policy of rape by any party, as opposed to opportunistic sexual crimes in times of war. This paper brings into focus the real victims of sexual violence by pointing out the paucity of reliable material, critically analysing widely cited testimonies of rape and suggesting the next steps to address the issue meaningfully.